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October 2006 - Vol 20 #10                          
Equine Experiences Launches COWBOY BOOT CAMP® 
   Since he began offering trail riding excursions and lessons in 2004, Jim Moore of Equine Experiences noticed that the majority of his clients wanted to learn as much about horsemanship as they did about trail riding.
   Because few people have time to go work on a ranch in Wyoming or enough experience to full benefit from advanced clinicians such as John Lyons or Clinton Anderson, Jim decided to fill a niche by offering a program where people could learn western horsemanship without leaving Los Angeles.
   Offered daily in the picturesque South Bay community of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Cowboy Boot Camp caters to men and women who plan to won a horse in the future, want to develop better riding proficiency or just want to learn "cowboy."
   Attendees hone skills from tacking a horse to equine care and maintenance to rider/horse safety, all conducted in a private, horse barn setting.  
   "We've had numerous people who say they can ride and have been taking lessons in the arena for years, " says Lori Barnett.  "Yet, when they come to us, they can't even tack a horse or ride a trail.  There is more of an opportunity to build a stronger relationship between horse and rider when you begin with the basics then ride together in the natural settings of a trail."
   Several of Jim's "grads" have acquired their own horses and some have ridden on such diverse trails as in Ireland, England and Costa Rica.  Cowboy Boot Camper; Matt Griffith, made this observation after returning from a recent vacation trip; "My goal when I joined was to develop the skills and confidence to ride trails in Aspen, Alaska, Maine or anywhere else in the world and be one of the best riders there.  Jim not only taught me how to recognize safety issues on the trail, but also how to handle most any riding experience I might encounter."
   Cowboy Boot Camp members come from all walks in life apparently, but they all have one the same thing in common, a desire to be better horsepeople.  Members include current and retired schoolteachers, engineers, lawyers, actors, construction workers, housewives and everyday business people. 
   To learn more about Cowboy Boot Camp and other services offered, contact Jim Moore at 310-872-9421 or visit:
   Because the program is not designed as a pony camp or a weeklong cram session, students learn at their own speed depending upon their own time, availability and means.  "Some people are here several times weekly while ohters can only make it once a month," say Jim. "We work within your schedule.  But, our goas are the same: to teach the importance of well-rounded, practical horsemahship and help you develop the skills and confidence to ride anywhere."
   In addition to trail riding, participants have the opportunity to work closel with renowned veterinarians and farriers as well as join in fun equestrain competitions including gymkhana events, team penning, roping and barrel racing.  Clinics include Emergency Vet Care, Proper Tack Fitting, Horse Sense ' What is this Beast Thinking? and Horse Anatomy, "That Ain't a Paw, Darlin' and many other demonstrations and events.
An important part of Cowboy Boot Camp has a lot more to do than riding.  As one of their Boot Campers said, "Jim's the only guy I know who teaches Cowboy."